True story of our 11 years old Seazor (After 3 months Seazor who was totally down and confined to bed can stand and walk on his own feet) cropped-dsc_0710.jpg

I was totally broken and disappointed after reading so many blogs  about Degenerative Myelopathy(DM) as all of them are shouting one common thing
This is a incurable, progressive disease which is non curable and with progression over time to complete paralysis .”
It was really hard to accept that now our Seazor can never walk on his own.

Before I share the medicine and treatment I want to make it clear how Degenerative Myelopathy(DM) hits Seazor.
Seazor  was 9 years old (Year 2011) when I first saw him having difficulty in Walking and doing his daily activity. At that time I thought that its a sign of ageing and ignored it however  it was not any sign of ageing or weakness actually it was the first symptom of DM.  A dog lives up-to 13-15 years if properly treated and vaccinated. With passing time Seazor start having epileptic fits, considering them as just epileptic fits we started medicine (gardinal), but those fits were not just epileptic fits they were again symptoms of DM.

We started giving him rich Calcium diet to make his Hind Limbs and Bones strong, but won’t understand that it’s not only Seazor’s bones which are getting weaker day by day, but also his nerves in lower body and neurons.

Story started on June 6 2013 when Seazor was home alone as we all were out for 4 hours for some family celebration. When we returned home we find Seazor sitting on our bed, but won’t show any sign of acknowledgment or happiness as he generally do when we return back home. Next morning when we woke up we find that Seazor was totally confined to Bed and can not even sit on his hind limbs. Till that time we have never ever heard this word “DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY” and thought that it’s a paralytic attack  so we called a Vet Doctor and he suggested some medicines and Injections, but nothing worked and sooner Seazor was this much confined to bed that he no longer sense call of nature, it’s not like he don’t want to be taken out  but now the situation is that he lose his control over his lower body.   Now there was nothing we can do accept remembering the days when we brought him home as a Pup and keep motivating him about life and his recover”believe it or not, but dogs really understand your words- never ever scold your dog when he himself is helpless”, keeping your dog happy during this phase is the most important thing else if a dog lose hope or go in depression. no other medicine can work. One day my father called a Doctor who treated Seazor in past and he is Head of Department of IVRI(biggest Vet research institute in Asia). He prescribed below mentioned medicine and also advice us to excercise Seazor’s lower body as much as we can. We exactly did the same and the medicine he prescribed worked as a boon for Seazor, we continued the medicines for 2 months, and after that we started treating him with Nerokind 500 as this medicine is rich source of Vitamin B. We first recorded Seazor’s progress after 2 month of his attack when he started trying to stand on his own shivering legs and start giving response to tickling and move his legs when rubbing his neck. After some time Seazor started going out for call of natures as before. So after three months of continuous excessive workout  and medicines our Seazor now started walking and also started climbing on bed with some difficulty. Keep this in mind that apart from medicine good amount of exercise (1/2 Hour twice or thrice a day ) is equally important.

Below are details of treatment and Food which Dr. Pawde (Director IVRI) suggested for Seazor.


  1. Chicken and Rice (Easily digestible)
  2. Milk
  3. Glucose Powder
  4. Anything that is a rich source of Vitamin B

Medicine and Treatment for first 2 Months:-

  1. Depo Medrol 1Ml (Once a week)
  2. Strocit 500 (1/3 Tab/Per day)
  3. Nootropil 800 (1/2 Tab/Per day)
  4. Selgin 5 MG (1/2 Tab/Per day)
  5. Bilovas (1/2 Tab/Per day)
  6. CO Q CAP (2 Times a week)
  7. Trineurosol 1ML/ Complamina 1 Injections(both on alternative days)

Medicine and Treatment Third Month onwards:-

  1. Nerokind 2 Tablets (Twice a day)
  2. Nice (Twice a day)

Story Coming Soon



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    Please send me info on ppl this is about and how to contact them and reach them and author of th article.

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